Simple but Winning Sudoku Techniques For Beginners

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Before we delve into these winning strategies, let’s first take note of the main rule of Sudoku. That is, no same number should appear in the same row, column, or grid in the puzzle. Players must use logic and strategy to determine which numbers correspond to every vacant box in the 9×9 grid. Now, you might be thinking that since you are a beginner, there’s no chance for you to win the puzzle. But with the right techniques and strategies, you can actually increase your chance of solving a Sudoku puzzle! Here are the top 2 winning strategies you can try:

Scanning Technique

For beginners, the best and easiest way to start is by scanning the rows and columns. Here’s an example of how you can apply the scanning technique in the game:

  • Focusing & Scanning One Direction

In the example above, there are already two 9s given in the first 3 rows of the puzzle. The first 9 is placed on Row 2 third grid (G2), while the other one is on the third row first grid (B3). Since you can’t repeat a number in any grid, column, or row, this leaves you with the first column second grid (E1) to put another 9.

Sudoku Strategy


  • Scanning Two Directions

Using the same example, you will be scanning the rows and columns in the same manner. On the first 2 rows of the first three grids, you can see that there are already two 1s (C1 and C2). These 1s are already placed in the first 2 grids on the top which leaves you to place the remaining number 1 in the third grid. By looking at the third grid, you will see on Column G that the number 1 is already existing, and this leaves you with the third-row column, I (I3), as the only possible place to put the remaining 1.

Eliminating Numbers

Using the scanning technique can be quite complex as you have to eventually scan more rows and columns throughout the game. So another way to solve a Sudoku puzzle is by using the Elimination Technique.

Sudoku Strategy Elimination

In this example, we will be using B4 to eliminate numbers and determine the single number that can be used in the box. You will see that 8, 7, 3, and 4 are already used in the same grid where B4 is. Eliminating those numbers, that will leave us with 1, 2, 5, 6, and 9.

In row 4, you can see that 1 and 6 are already placed in the same row. Therefore, you can eliminate these numbers too. Now, we are left with 2, 5, and 9. Looking at column B, 5 and 9 are already in use, so that finally leaves us with 2 as the only number possible for B4.

These strategies can help ease the overwhelming complication of this classic puzzle game. Don’t worry, as you play and learn the ropes, you could eventually come up with your own strategy! Train your mind while having fun. Play sudoku for free on PC!