About Sudoku: Brainium’s Version of the Hit Numbers Game

Sudoku is a fun puzzle to play if you are looking for a quick brain exercise at any time of the day. Playing Sudoku requires concentration and focus, that’s why playing on a bigger screen is better. On a big screen, you can see the grids on a larger scale. This helps you see existing numbers easily and avoid common mistakes like placing the same numbers in a grid, row, or column.



Enjoy Sudoku on PC

So, how can you play Sudoku on a big screen? By downloading it to your PC, of course! You can get Brainium’s Sudoku game for free on your desktop by simply downloading it here. The game is fast to install, easy to learn, and simple to control.

Moreover, with the help of keymapping tool, you can assign each button on a specific key that is comfortable for you to use. To select vacant blocks conveniently, you can use the mouse to point and click on empty boxes. Plus, if you need to input numbers on a box or block, you can simply use the Numpad.

The thing about Sudoku is, it could get difficult depending on the level and number placements. So if you need help, feel free to browse around this fan site for free guides, Sudoku game tips, tricks, and more! This website is your one-stop resource for all things about Brainium’s Sudoku. Enjoy!